Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Q.  Is a bond required for all cabin hires?

A.  Yes, $350.00 for all cabins. 

Q.  Is there a minimum hire period?

A.  Yes, a minimum of three months.

Q.  Do you do a credit check?

A.  Yes

Q.  Do you offer a rent to buy option?

A.  No

Q.  Do you organise council permits if required?

A.  No this is hirers responsibility.

Q.  Do you insure cabins while they are in hirers possession?

A.  No, hirer is responsible for .insurance

Q.  Is the cabin supplied with a power lead?

A.  Yes, a 20 metre caravan lead with adaptor.

Q.  Is there a delivery fee?

A.  Free delivery if you hire the cabin for more than six months and if delivery address is within 50 kilometres of our Tauranga yard.  Small delivery fee is required otherwise.

Q.  Do you supply curtains?

A.  No but each hire cabin has curtain tracks fitted for you to hang your own curtains.

Q.  Are the cabins furnished?

A.  No.